Featured product

Last Updated onJuly 30, 2023

Featured product section allows you to display the product you’ve created at Products menu in Shopify admin inside any page, it will display the product with all details like main product page. So you’re not limited only to Products template to display the product.

To add the Featured product,

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes and click Customize in your Shopify admin
  2. Then click Add section under Templates area. Now you can choose Featured Product from the list.

You can find the following settings inside the Featured product,

Setting NameDescription
Product gallery SliderIt will display the product featured image as a slider.
Product thumbnail SliderIt will display the product featured images as thumbnails and sync them with Product gallery

Along with above settings, this section also includes common section settings to control basic width & spacing.

Also this section includes the following blocks:

  • Vendor
  • Title
  • Price
  • Shoppay banner
  • Description
  • Stock count
  • Variant picker
  • Buy buttons
  • Pickup availability
  • Collapsible row
  • Complimentary products
  • Information popup
  • Share
  • Information box
  • Text
  • Rating
  • Custom liquid