Last Updated onJuly 31, 2023

Video section allows to display video simply from the internal/external source.

To add the video,

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes and click Customize in your Shopify admin
  2. Then click Add section under Templates area. Now you can choose video from the list.

You can add the following settings inside the Video section,

General SettingsDescription
HeadingIt allows you to display the heading text
Heading tagSet the tag for the heading
Button LabelIt allows you to display the button
Button URLIt allows you to display the link for the button
Button targetSet the link to open in new tab or same tab.
Video sourceYou can choose the source of the video
Video UploadSet the video from Shopify files (Internal source)
Video URL(Optional) Set the video from Youtube or Vimeo (external source)
Video alt textText to display, if video is not available.
Cover imageSet the Image to display before video start playing

You can also find common section settings inside the Video section.