Collapsible list

Last Updated onJuly 29, 2023

Collapsible list section allows you to display the toggled dropdown that allow you to display contents like questionnaires. It also includes Collapsible list item block to display its content.

To add the Collapsible list,

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes and click Customize in your Shopify admin
  2. Then click Add section under Templates area. Now you can choose Collapsible list from the list.

You can also find common section settings inside the Collapsible list.

Collapsible list item

Collapsible list can have multiple Collapsible list item blocks. Each block can display it’s own heading & content as toggle.

General SettingsDescription
HeadingIt will display the title of the toggle/collapsible item
Heading tagIt allows to choose tag you want to use for the heading
ContentIt will display the content of the toggle/collapsible item
Content tagIt allows to choose tag you want to use for the content