Last Updated onJuly 29, 2023

In Shopify, a product template is a essential layout that determines how each product page appears on your online store. It controls the way product details, images, and information are presented to customers when they view a specific product. Product templates are crucial for customizing your store’s product pages, ensuring a cohesive and attractive shopping experience for your customers.

Understanding Shopify Product Templates

Theme comes with 2 pre-defined product layouts, Default, Quickview. These are simple JSON templates that contains list of necessary sections & blocks to be displayed.

  1. Quickview – You can use Quickview layout to setup the product information to be displayed in a popup when the users clicks Quickview action button in Collection of products which can be in main collections page.
  2. Default – This is default or usual layout to be used when you open the product of the website. This layout defines the information & contents to be shown in the main product page.

You must have to atleast one product to customize the product templates.

Customizing Product Templates

Product template has two dedicated sections to display product details & information effectively.

  1. Product summary
  2. Product recommendations

Product summary

Product summary is the main content section on a product page where essential product details and information are displayed.

Below are the main settings for the product summary

Setting NameDescription
Product gallery SliderIt will display the product featured image as a slider.
Product thumbnail SliderIt will display the product featured images as thumbnails and sync them with Product gallery

Along with above settings, this section also includes common section settings to control basic width & spacing.

Also this section includes the following blocks:

  • Vendor
  • Title
  • Price
  • Shoppay banner
  • Description
  • Stock count
  • Variant picker
  • Buy buttons
  • Pickup availability
  • Collapsible row
  • Complimentary products
  • Information popup
  • Share
  • Information box
  • Text
  • Rating
  • Custom liquid

Product recommendation

It helps to suggest more related or similar products that might useful for the customers who are interested in this specific product.

You can find the way to control product recommendation here