Last Updated onJuly 31, 2023

Footer Section is the bottommost part of your store that appears on all pages. It typically contains important information, links, and elements that users may need to access, such as contact details, navigation links, payment options, and other essential information. The footer is an integral part of your store design, providing valuable information and enhancing user experience.

Footer section split its section in to 4 columns at most based on availability. If any column leave unassigned, particular column will be hidden.

To add the Footer,

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes and click Customize in your Shopify admin
  2. Then click Add section under Footer area. Now you can choose Footer from the list.

You can find following settings inside the Footer section,

General SettingsDescription
Column width levelsIt will define how long the column will be. It will display 4 column levels
Show payment iconsOption to show/hide available payment icons.
Colophon textIt will display the copyright text at the bottom of footer
Show powered by linkSet to display Shopify link next to colophon text.

You can also find common section settings inside the Footer.


Footer includes 6 dedicated blocks that can be used for making your footer feature-rich & more customizable. Below you can find the list of blocks belonging to Footer

  1. Image
  2. Text
  3. Menu links
  4. Newsletter form
  5. Social media
  6. Country & language
  7. Follow on shop

All blocks will have a Column choice option to assign the respective block.


Image allow to display simple image, brand identity or logo. You can repeat the block multiple times. You can find following settings inside image block.

General SettingsDescription
ImageIt will allow you to display simple image
Image widthSet the image width for the image


Text allow to display text as a heading or simple paragraph text based on the choices. It’s an repeatable block. You can control the width of text inside block settings.

General SettingsDescription
TextIt will allow you to display simple text
Custom widthSet the custom width for the text

Menu links

Menu links will display menu items as a list. You can create menu from Online Store -> Navigation

General SettingsDescription
Menu choiceSet the menu to display in footer
Show menu titleOption to display the title of the menu. for ex. Footer menu

Newsletter form

his block allow you to display newsletter form that allow your customers to subscribe your service by submitting the form with necessary information. It can be used only once inside footer.

Country & language

This block allow you to display language & country dropdown selector based on the availability. It can be used only once inside footer.

General SettingsDescription
Enable country selectorIt allows you to show/hide the country selector.
Enable language selectorIt allows you to show/hide the language selector

Social media

This block allow you to display all social profile links, if available. You can add the link for social profile at Theme settings

General SettingsDescription
Display styleIt allows you to choose from any of the available style

Follow on shop

This block supports Shopify in-built feature follow on shop. It will let customers follow your store in the Shop app. Followers receive store updates through push notifications, in-app messages, and feed recommendations. To use Follow on Shop, you need to have the Shop channel installed, and Shop Pay activated on your store. You can find more information about Follow on shop here