Contact form

Last Updated onJuly 30, 2023

Contact form allows your customers to reach you by submitting the form with necessary information.

To add the Contact form,

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes and click Customize in your Shopify admin
  2. Then click Add section under Templates area. Now you can choose Contact form from the list.

You can find the following settings inside the each Contact form section,

General SettingsDescription
Background imageIt will allow you to display the background image
OverlaySet the solid background on top of the image
Maximum width of formSet the form width, if custom width enabled.
Contact form orderSet the order of the form below/above the section text blocks

You can also find common section settings inside the Contact form.


Contact form includes two dedicated blocks as well, to make it more informative. These blocks can be added above/below to the contact form. Below you can find the list of blocks belonging to Contact form

  1. Text
  2. Custom liquid


The Contact form can have multiple Text Blocks. It will allow you to display simple text, heading or description as per your wish.

You can find the following settings inside the each Text block,

General SettingsDescription
TextIt will display the text
TagIt allows to choose tag you want to use for the text
Use custom widthOption to enable/disable the width.
Max widthSet the width of the text, if custom width enabled.

Custom liquid

Liquid is a lightweight and easy-to-learn templating language designed to work with dynamic content. It allows you to add logic, variables, and conditionals to your store. It allow you to customize and control the dynamic content and behavior of your online store. Shopify used liquid to process and render dynamic content on web pages.

This block has custom liquid field to process the liquid codes for you.