Last Updated onJuly 28, 2023

Blogs template is a pre-designed layout that allows merchants to create and manage collection of blog posts on their online store. Blogs are an essential part of content marketing, enabling merchants to share valuable information, updates, stories, and insights with their customers.

Understanding Blogs template

Shopify comes with News area by default which is a part of Blogs templates, it allows you to add basic posts & articles under its roof. In this theme, you can display the categories of News in the top of Blog template to provide an easy access.

Below are the main settings for the Blogs template

Setting NameDescription
Show tagsIt will display the tags for the blog posts in the blogs
Show excerptIt will display the excerpt/short description of the posts
Show readmore linksDisplay the link that redirects to actual post
Show metaIt will display the date for the blog posts in the blogs