Last Updated onJuly 28, 2023

In Shopify, a page template is a essential layout that determines how each page appears on your online store. It controls the way page information are presented to users when they view a specific page. Page templates are responsible for displaying any kind of page. For ex. Contact, About, etc…

Understanding Shopify Product Templates

Theme comes with 4 pre-defined page layouts, Default, About, Campaign, Contact. These are simple JSON templates that contains list of necessary sections & blocks to be displayed.

  1. About – This is pre-made template for displaying About or similar pages.
  2. Campaign – This is pre-made template for displaying Campaigns or similar pages.
  3. Contact – This is pre-made template for displaying Contact page.
  4. Default – This is default or usual layout to be used when you simply create pages for your website. This layout will not have any pre-made sections or contents. Rather it will display the plain description.

All page templates are capable of using all sections & blocks belonging to the theme.

Page Header Section

Every page template has Page header section at the top by default. you can use this section to display Page title or cover. Also you can able to delete this section completely and add your own cover or titles as per your wish

Setting NameDescription
Use background imageThis option will allow you to set background image
ImageIt will allow you to set custom width for this section. Only applicable, if fullwidth is disabled.
Image on desktop
Use overlay
Overlay color
Overlay opacity
Title tag
Title Max width
Description tag
Description Max width

Along with above settings, this section also includes common section settings to control basic width & spacing.