Product recommendation

Last Updated onJuly 30, 2023

Shopify allows you to control product recommendation only through app. You can install this free app Shopify Search & Discovery from the App store to control & customize product recommendation of your products.

To use Product recommendation, you need this free app Shopify Search & Discovery

Once you’ve installed the app, you can see this app listed under Apps menu inside your admin panel. Then you can access the filters under Search & Discovery -> Recommendations. You can find detailed instructions here

To access the filters, go to Apps -> Search & Discovery -> Recommendations

Display Product recommendation inside product page

You can insert product recommendation section to product template inside Products -> Default product template. You can go to product template from the top dropdown inside your customizer.

To insert product recommendation section inside product, click Add section and choose Product recommendation

Use of search & discover app

This app also allows you to customize search results and filters to give you more control over how customers discover your products. Learn how to Learn how to use search & discovery app.