How to Create Mega menu

Last Updated onJuly 25, 2023

A mega menu is an expanded and feature-rich navigation menu often used in large or complex menu structure. It really helpful to provide a user-friendly and organized browsing experience. Mega menus improve accessibility and help users quickly find what they’re looking for on a website.

Creating simple Navigation menu

Creating a simple navigation menu in Shopify is straightforward and can be done through the Shopify Admin. It can display submenu items in a simple manner with collection images, if available.

You can create usual navigation menu from Online store -> Navigation

Make sure that you’ve 2nd level & 3rd level submenu items to use them as mega menu.

Creating Mega menu

Mega menu is theme level feature. So you can insert mega menu from Theme customizer.

To insert Mega menu

  1. Inside your Shopify admin, Go to Theme customizer -> Header and click Add Mega menu
  2. Now you have to assign this mega menu block to the desired parent menu item using Menu item for mega menu option inside block settings.
  3. You can insert 2 optional cards to make mega menu more interesting & interactive. These cards can have image & link to display along with native 2nd level & 3rd level submenu items.