How to Update theme

Last Updated onJuly 26, 2023

Updating a theme in Shopify typically involves making changes to the theme’s code, design, or functionality. While theme updates are essential for keeping your store up to date and improving its performance, it’s essential to take precautions to avoid losing your settings during the process. Here’s how you can update a theme in Shopify without losing settings:

Backup your theme

Before updating your theme, make a backup of your current theme settings and code. This ensures that you have a safe version of your store’s current settings and design. To do this,

  1. Go to Online Store -> Themes in your Shopify Admin.
  2. Click on Actions and select Duplicate to create a copy of your current theme.

It will minimize the risk of losing your settings and maintain a smooth transition to the updated theme in Shopify.

Update your theme

In Themes page, when an update for a theme is available, a notification replaces the theme version. Click the notification to open the details pop-up, and then click Add to theme library to add the updated version to your theme library or View release notes to read about the new release.

Below we listed the important files & file structures to be copied in the code editor from the old theme to new theme in order to regain the changes you’ve made.

  1. config/settings_data.json
  2. templates/
  3. locales/

If you’ve installed any apps or made changes in theme codes, you need to replicate the same changes inside your new theme as well.

To open the files in the code editor, click on Actions and select Edit Code inside Themes pages

For You can find more detailed instructions on updating theme is here

Need a help?

If you’re looking for developer who can do this update for you, you can send a email through thirumani02(at)gmail(dot)com