How to setup Multiple languages

Last Updated onJuly 26, 2023

It provides an ability to offer your store’s products and services in more than one language. It means providing a localized shopping experience to customers by translating product descriptions, checkout pages, navigation, and other relevant content into different languages.

To enable selling in multiple languages in Shopify, you can use language translation apps and Shopify’s built-in language options. Shopify supports various languages, and you can translate your store’s content manually or automatically, depending on the tools you choose to implement.

By default theme packed with 4 translated languages. EU languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish).

We use Shopify Translate & Adapt for making translation smooth.

Setup languages in Shopify admin

Shopify has in-built feature to add more languages to your store. To add more languages, you can follow belo steps,

  1. Go to Settings -> Languages in Shopify admin. It can be seen at the bottom left corner.
  2. Now you can add all your necessary languages by clicking Add Language
  3. Once the languages have been added, you can see it under Unpublished languages

Install translation app

Shopify developed their own app Shopify Translate & Adapt to make the translation experience smoother. You can simply install this app to create translations for your preferred language. For creating translation, you can follow below steps,

  1. Go to Apps -> Translate & Adapt in Shopify admin
  2. Choose your language to translate under Localized content dropdown
  3. Now you can click Auto translate option at the top right for Google Cloud Translation API powered translation. That’s it. (Skip step 4 & 5)
  4. If you want manual translation, simply click on the content you wanted to translate For ex. Products.
  5. Then you can simply add the translation for the respective english strings.

Publish the language

Once you finished the translation, you can Go to Settings -> Languages in Shopify admin and click the language you’ve translated and click Publish

Enabling language selector

Once you completed the translation, you can simply enable the language selector by following steps in your Shopify admin,

  1. Go to Online Store -> Themes and click Customize
  2. Now you can tick Enable language selector under Header & Footer sections.