Last Updated onJuly 27, 2023

Collections will help the users to browse and filter products based on specific criteria, making it easier for them to find products of interest. You can display the collection of products better by customizing the option you found at Theme settings.

To access the Collection settings,

  1. Open the Theme settings in your Shopify admin
  2. Then open the tab Collection to see all settings

You can find following settings under Collection tab.

Show secondary image on hoverOption to show additional thumbnail, if present.
Aspect ratioSet the dimension of the images that displayed for products in collection
Show sale badgeIt display the badge, if product have on going offers
Show priceIt display the price amount
Show vendorIt display the vendor of the product
Show swatchesIf swatches are setup, it will be displayed the swatch for products in collection.
Enable quickviewIt will open the popup to display quick overview of the product